Richter Gedeon Ltd

Construction of cold rooms and explosion-proof areas
2012-2015 | Hungary

The Hűtőépítő Ltd implements cold rooms for the Richter Gedeon Ltd for many years. We delivered explosion-safe cold and climate rooms which are ATEX qualified to the plant in Dorog. These rooms not only can cool down the material, but also can heat up them. The appearing cooling cycle part and electric setting is ATEX qualified or got ATEX qualified housing in the refrigerator installation. The explosion-safe Ruffneck EX1 heater is responsible for the winter tempering/tempered? heating. Beside the construction of IglooDoors, we delivered high-store cold rooms with redundant cooling to the plant in Budapest. In the cooling system, the air condensing units are Tecumseh L’unit branded, while the evaporators are Güntner marked. The cold room have stainless steeled flooring and IdlooDoors with stainless equipment.

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