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2017 | Hungary, Budapest

In 2016 our company was approached by the Hungarian factory of Polifoam Co. for a special price quotation. Our company was asked to design a special rapid cooling chamber.

After a manufacturing cycle with heat absorption, semi-finished insulation products at 70-80 °C should be cooled back down to 20-25 °C in 10-15 minutes. This way we can increase both production time and capacity.

The design process had two main parts: First, to design a special, high-performance cooling chamber for the material with λ thermal conductivity that is not very optimal from cooling aspect. We designed the machine with a two cooling circuit system. For the sake of security, we made sure the production doesn’t shut down in case of any malfunction. The equipment is operated by two LB-S842-3Y-2M FRASCOLD refrigeration units and four Stefani SHCP035/3 C6E4S evaporators. High-temperature, semi-finished products are put into the cooling space in large quantities and continuously, depending on the production capacity. This lead to the second part of design. That was to establish the chamber and its accessories according to the special needs while keeping in mind the goal to speed up the production process, simple operation and labour safety. The material is being moved on a trolley. We designed the size and geometry of the chamber based on unique requirements. It can contain four trolleys at the same time and the proper ventilation provided by evaporators.


The chamber functions as a “tunnel” in the manufacturing process. At the opening of the chamber the trolleys are loaded trough IglooDoors coldroom double doors. The doors can be locked from the outside and they also have a security lock. (Always can be opened from the inside as prescribed in security provisions.) Inside the chamber guidance rails ensure the lead of the trolleys. Then at the far end of the chamber the cooled down products are pulled out trough IglooDoors coldroom double doors. Because of the level difference we created a unique ramp with a rail track at the entrance and the exit.

Thanks to the prudent design, we managed to proceed with the execution in 2017 February without any trouble. During test run we inspected the cooling down of the products with a thermal camera, that happened in less time than expected. Our customers were satisfied to receive the delivery documents.

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