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Contruction of blast freezers system and storing cold room for alimentary pastes factory
2015 | Hungary

One of our orders in 2015 was the delivery and implementation of freezer rooms and heavy-duty blast freezer rooms for finished good storage for LiCheng Ltd in Gödöllő and Tiszanána. At first we delivered a cooling system for the plant in Gödöllő which could blast freeze 600kg goods per hour. Beside this cooling system, we had to build two freezer rooms which have 200m3 volumetric capacity. The customer gave another order about implementation and transport of similar sized systems for the other plant in Tiszanána after the customer saw the trustworthy and precise work of Coldroombuilder. Moreover for the two plants we delivered 30 IglooDoors. Our systems helped the LiCheng Ltd to expand the manufacturing capacity and the export activity. Regarding the engineering, the air condensing unit and the evaporator system have the best quality thus we work with Bitzer and Güntner products.

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