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Delivery of background cold rooms
2013 | Hungary, Nyíregyháza

Our firm finished the implementation of several cold rooms in the kitchen of the plant of LEGO in Nyíregyháza in 2013. We built up the rooms with the biggest exactitude, thus the customer has strict demands and we wanted to correspond to these standards. The main section of the newest Hungarian plant of LEGO is the making of DUPLO elements. Beside the building blocks, the firm also produces classic LEGO products. It is like an exhibition, the visitors could watch the manufacturing process of the building blocks. This is the newest attraction of Nyíregyháza. We have been preparing for this investment since the beginning of this year. After several verifications we made the locations of the points accurate and we discussed the technical suggestions about the most optimal layout with the customer. Several cold rooms stead food specified cooling, thus every cooled material and half-ready food could be stored on the suitable temperature in the rooms. As the part of the project, we installed normal cold and freezer rooms. The process of delivery and takeover was successful – the customer was absolutely satisfied with our cold rooms.

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