Continental Automotive Hungary Kft.

Light industrial clean room in the factory plant of Continental
2017 | Hungary, Budapest

We have carried out one of our most beautiful and most demanding work for Continental Automotive in the history of our company. With the help of the KleanLabs clean room system we created numerous unique solution in the factory unit of the automotive manufacturer. By this technology we gave a clean room for the customer to use, that fulfils the category 7 standards of ISO 14644. This executed technology represents the highest level in the systems of clean rooms, with all its mechanical and with all of its professional engineering solutions. The employees can enter the clean room through an air shower unit, where with the help of special technologies and automatically controlled robots, they produce instruments that are built in the products of the largest automotive groups. They pass over the commodities and finished products through special KleanLabs material transfer box into and out of the safety zone, that was produced according to the custom buyer order. The KleanLabs TT60 doors are the perfect solution for the closing of overpressure clean rooms. Besides delivery, through the whole project we supported the client as professional site project leaders. Our customer started to use the clean rooms with satisfaction.

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