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Newly developed insulated hinged and sliding doors in the offering of Coldroombuilder

2016. August. 26. 18:07 Corporate news

Our company grew and started to produce and trade KleanLabs TT type aluminium profiled clean room doors. The 60mm thickness doors with aluminium body have flush tempered glazing and moving doorstep. Thanks to the creation of the doorframes the doors are able to build-in to the optional doorframes if that is a 60mm alloy profiled clean room walling panel, sandwich panel system clean room walling or other built construction for example steridex plasterboard partition wall. The construction of doors can be various: it is possible to produce totally glazed or partly glazed doors as well as the totally tight alloy plating aluminium door filling. Optionally the doors have electric tumbler and door pull. Our clean room insulated hinged doors are optional with manual or mechanic waggle. Our clean room doors are applicable to suitably closing of laboratories, clean rooms and sterile surroundings.

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