PVC strip curtain

We can minimalize the deperdition of heat in the doors by PVC curtains. Whatever if its a personal entrance or an entrance used by handling equipments, industrial strip curtains equipped by Coldroombuilder provide protection to keep clear of draft, dust and loss of power arise temperature differences.


  • Constructed behind industrial doors
  • Partition of engine-room
  • Constructed on personal entrance
  • Constructed on coldrooms, cooling vans, cooling containers
  • Thermo curtain cooling regals, trade cooling furnitures

Strip curtain made of PVC strips and stainless steel sling hooks. PVC strip curtains get on the sling in overlap , we try to reduce loss of power with it. Every strip curtain gets produced by individual sizes by our buyer’s demands.

Soft strip PVC curtains easily cleanable and do not claim maintenance. Strips after crossing closing immediatelythat is how we can minimalize the loss of power arise in and outstreaming temperature. With these favourable virtue, our PVC strip curtains are one of the most efficient choice to reduce costs.


  • Easy, fast assemblity
  • Easy cleaning, maintenance
  • You can achieve large cost saving with a little investment


Our diaphanous designed swing doors we deal to our industrial buyers. Soft or hard PVC designed fenestration estops the streaming of dust and draft in industrial doors.

PVC industrial swing doors with their simply and don’t demand maintenance design are worthy partners to those buyers who need fast, self-sealing,cost-saving industrial door solution.


  • Guarantee warm insulation, dust and draft-free
  • Estops to birds and bugs fly in
  • By streaming through the free opening, warm quantity’s 85 – 90 % savable
  • Corresponds to healthy and labour safety requirements
  • Don’t demand maintenance
  • Long life
  • Easy cleanable and installation


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