Technical parts of the coldroom

Our company, as the inland distributor of the Castel engineering, deals with the marketing of constructive parts which are used during the construction of cold stores, coldrooms.

We store several types of catalogue products, while we deliver the non-stored products in express deadline.

The content of our catalogues



The modern food industrial manufacturing areas or laboratory rooms are absolutely unimaginable without equivalent hygienic corner design. Out company offers professional solutions for the designing of the covings. Our PVC profiles can be founded in many sizes, and with various tracks. The common feature of these profiles is the easy installation which effects aesthetic and hygienic corner covering. Make inquiries after our stock in hand!

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It is very necessary to implement corners during the construction of clean rooms. With the help of the ALU profiles the fixations of the walls and the ceiling of the clean room could be aesthetically implemented and correspond to the standards of the orders. The profiles, which are used in clean rooms, could be available according to the unique customer order.

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For the aesthetical and hygienic covering of the sandwich panel frame and other industrial establishment we offer the plinth PVC profiles. These profiles could be directly fixed to the main frame there is no need for any tracks. The profiles enable the hidden fixation, thus the bonding elements are invisible. Corner profiles and end caps are also available and could be ordered. Make inquiries after out stock in hand.

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Our PVC skirting protected profiles make possible to protect walls and doors from outside effects. Skirting protection profiles’ hygenic evolving make possible the consumption food-and processing industry. The evolving of profiles are covered fixationed, so the connecting elements are out of sight. Corner and ending shape elements can be offered. Go in for our stock!

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Sandwich panels’ ceiling – as if its coldroom or industrial institution – in several cases can’t miss the evolving of the right supporting profiles. By the help of our supporting profiles the ceiling panels build-in get simply under construction. The different designed profiles made of aluminium or glass fibre strenghtened polyester. Go in for our stock!

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Our distributed fastening systems proved their strength beside the other competitive goods over the years. We install these systems into our IglooDoors, thus our thousands of common used doors provide the trustiness of our fastening systems. The doors are made in composite implementation, and there is emergency push button in every door in any case.

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Food industrial and laboratory shelf system (Optima)

Let us introduce the Optima storage shelf and scaffold system to You which helps You to store your product on professional heavy-duty shelves in hygienic way.

The advantages of the Optima store system

  • Quick to set up without tools
  • Anodized, aluminium legs, loose PP shelf elements
  • The shelf elements are easy to clean in industrial sink device
  • Significantly robust implementation, heavy-duty shelves
  • Controllable shelf levels in 150 mms
  • Only use in C°: -40/+80°C
  • Capacity in kg: 100-280 kg/shelf element
  • It could be extended later
  • The legs could be levelled

The shelved scaffold and the modular shelf system, which are correspond to the standards of HACCP and GMP, are primarily offered to use in food industrial, laboratory and clean room circumstances. It is very easy to set up and the ready shelf system is incredibly stable and heavy-duty.

The Optima shelf system is the optimal storage solution for settings where hygiene and grooming are basic requirements. Significant advantage of the Optima shelf system is not only the levelled shelves, but the shelves are also loose and easy to clean in industrial way regularly. In this way both the stored food and the shelf system could be fully cleaned.



The assembly of the Optima modular shelf system could not be easier. There is no need to use tools or other help for the assembly of the system. With the help of the easy to use Optima shelf system you could save time and money.


We primarily offer the Optima shelf systems to use for food industrial and laboratory storage. The design of the shelves and the scaffold made of anodized aluminium enable the highest-level of clarity, thus the shelves are easy to clear extensively.

Shelf systems could be installed into cooled and non-cooled rooms. The outstanding fastness of the anodized aluminium legs is intensified by the PP loose shelf elements. The level of the selves is controllable.

Wide size-choice is available and the depth of the shelves could be 300-400-500 mm. The advantage of the modular shelf system is the extraordinary strength which is shaped by the following:

Maximal capacity/1 shelf
Width of the shelf 663 763 863 960 1060 1160 1260 1357 1457 1557 1657 1754 1854
Maximal strength/1 shelf (kg) 280 260 240 210 200 180 160 150 140 130 120 110 100

The wide size-choice enables that the customer has optimal holding capacity both in kitchen and in laboratory hygienic environment.

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