Flower refrigerators

Flower refrigerator keeps storaged flowers on a right temperature inside the cell. Optimal humidity and the neccessary storage surroundings guaranteed by the ventillation evaporator. Our flower refrigerators can be fit with other options. One option is a heated storefront window which gives storage function for flower coldrooms and makes possible to show all the storaged flowers.

The size of the glass can be optional, one of the flower refrigerator’s lateral wall can be configured to storefront system. Other option can be a glass door, it can be an entrance to the flower refrigerator cell or makes possible the self-service to the selling area. Glass doors can be designed to insulated or sliding. Vaporization of glasses prevented by frame heating. There is possibility to fit in an extra humidor for storaged flowers according to demands –higher humidity can be guaranteed.

By the help of flower coolers the cut flowers and pot-plants can be storaged for longer and can prevent the discoloration and the blown before time, petal falling can delay. Using of fluorescent lamps make possible the classy showing of flowers. Flowers can be shown in the most perfect hue.

We assume individual production above 2,5 m3.