Coldroom containers


A short introduction about our cooling containers

  • Fix, installed model on its permanent place, or mobile, cranable, transportable model
  • No predetermined, standard sizes, everything is constructed in accordance with our customers’ needs
  • With engineering designed for normal, a deep freezer’s or a freezer’s attributes
  • Weather resistant design that can be installed outdoors
  • Cooling containers are designed in accordance with every existing provisions
  • Reliable cooling system, with task optimized cooling performance
  • Unique design possible according to customer needs
  • Practical solutions to improve usability
  • Storage containers, wild cooling containers, laboratory containers, logistics containers, explosion-proof containers
  • Compliance with HACCP food industry standard

General information

Cooling containers designed and produced by Coldroombuilder. can be installed outdoors, as they withstand any weather condition. Their design can be mobile, cranable, or a fix design, installed into a permanent installation site. We recommend mobile cooling or deep cooling containers for those customers who regularly move and transport the installed cooling equipment due to its mean of use. Fix models are for those customers who need an outdoor cooling solution, but are not planning on moving or transporting the equipment. For both models we are able to produce equipment with a normal (0/+5°C) or a deep cooling (-18/-22°C) range. There is also an option to produce special equipment with either cooling or controlled air purity internal environment.
For insulation we offer modern sandwich panels with a strong insulation capacity. With these energy-saving and efficient use are guaranteed despite the outdoors environment. Cooling systems installed by our company all represent high technical standards.

The design of the cooling containers depends on the application site and the customer needs. Equipment produced by our company don’t come in predetermined sizes, but we are happy to give recommendations for the arrangements, based on the given application. For example, in case of a mobile cooling container, transportable sizes must be taken into consideration!

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