Climate and testing rooms

It is made for testing electric and coolers just as industrial products. Several manufacturer lie under the unfavourable influences of summer hot and winter cool in testing each products. By climate rooms the outside temperature and humidity can be excepted, the neccessary and desired condition precisely adjustable. Humidor and demister controlled microprocessor can control humidity for testing.

If climate room temperature equipped with registration option that makes possible to registrate an exact rate in case of products which demands production accuracy and high-level quality safety. The temperature under testing getting note (in a specific case the humidity as well). Quality safety can document that what surroundings was the products tested and in which surroundings can achieve rates. We make our climate cell in an individual size. Door can be single door or king-sized traverse by demands. In case of testing clean absorbing products the inside of climate cell can be work up by clean room technology either airlock system door design.

Its solvable to bond outside meter or flush tempereged glazing to follow with attention what happens to the product. In a specific case the cell can be explosion-proof designed.

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