Bakery containers

We recommend the following solutions for our bakery partners:

  • Blast freezer coolers from the smallest gastonomic blast freezer to a multi-regal trolley blust-freezer or spiral or conveyor belt blast freezer– according to power and capacity.
  • IQF coolers: some king of pastry needs fast cooling. IQF coolers provide this working under 0 Cº
  • Leavening control coolers: Leavening control procedure makes possible that the pastry get cooled in a leavened way which means that there will be always enough quantity of pre-leavened pastry
  • Ready-baked goods coolers: After baking as fast as its possible hot products get freezed. It claims a big cooling technical power.
  • Coldrooms from deep-freezer design to normal stock cooler in optional size considering to energetic and spance-saving aspects.