Coldroom building

Advantages of our coldrooms

  • Perfect joining of panels and joints
  • Professional, up-to-date technology
  • Our own massive door system brand: IglooDoors
  • Efficient thermal insulation due to the special PUR/PIR panel-structure
  • Reliable freezer engineering based on our decade-long professional experience
  • We are prudent in choosing manufacturers and equipment
  • High-level automatic operation with digital temperature display unit
  • Our panel-system minimalizes heat-loss and enables superefficient refrigeration
  • Unique-design: size and shape according to the costumer’s request, assembly and installation on the spot
  • Light-weight walls, exceptional wingspan solutions
  • Practical and intelligent ways of preventing the loss of energy
  • Unique range of additional accessories (viewing windows, glass walls, LED lights, many available colors, flush, micro-profiled or ribbed panels, etc.)
  • Diverse target specific panel surfaces: stainless steel or aluminum coating, galvanized steelplate
  • Optional additions: temperature registration, safety functions (e.g.  emergency alarm modules), automatic lights, etc.
  • Extensible or mobile coldroom systems

General information

Our modern coldrooms are built of sandwich panels filled with two-component polyurethane foam. Due to the flexibility of this new material we can build a coldroom in various sizes and for different functions with optimal thermal insulation and cooling capability. These cost-effective panels with thermal insulation are designed for industrial use and they are joined with PVC covings, which guarantee hygiene.

As the perfect joint of the panels are really important to keep the inside temperature and have an outstanding insulation we produce the panels with high attention on details. Our coldroom panels are joined without cold bridge. The staggered corner profiles increase the insulation capability at the corners, and where the walls meet the ceiling. Besides keeping the optimal temperature, the well-joint panels also ensure an aesthetic look.

Our coldrooms can be ordered with many types of surface, from powder-coated RAL colors to stainless steel. For average use we offer you the former one because that is the most cost effective version and it also follows the HACCP and every competent authority’s standards.

With the above mentioned, affordable sandwich panels you can reduce the building costs while maintain excellent quality. In our coldrooms for normal temperature (0 to +5 Cº) we can safely leave out the floor insulation, which also moderates the expenses.
This is why it is not necessary to build a floor for meat and milk coldrooms according to our opinion. However, when you are planning a freezer coldroom (-18 to -20 Cº) it is inevitable to have floor insulation, but we have different types of construction so we can adjust our offer for your budget.

Besides insulation, the quality of the refrigeration system and choosing the optimal solution is also the corner point of building a coldroom. Coldroom Builder only uses equipment of excellent quality and premium category. We give warranty and guarantee for all the used equipment in addition to the manufacturers’ direction. Our only condition is the regular service and repair of coldrooms. This extended warranty offers extensive security for our customers.


Wall thickness

The wall thickness of sandwich panels in our normal, standard coldrooms (0 to +5 Cº) is usually 80 mm. For our freezer coldrooms (-18 to -20 Cº) it is necessary that the thickness of the wall raises to 100 or 120 mm. In special cases (e.g. outdoor coldrooms, shock and blast freezers) we recommend to increase wall thickness even more for the optimal insulation. Our wall panel thickness ranges from 60 up to 200 mm. The sandwich panels are filled with min. 40 kg /m³ density PIR insulation core. In special cases there is a possibility to use mineral wool or other type of material for building a wall.


Complex, combined coldrooms

We can design and connect more than one coldrooms together if our customer needs it because of industry’s specifications (special freezing requirements or storage capacity). In these cases, if it is possible we recommend you to plan the connection of the coldrooms into one block from the beginning because it can significantly reduce the building costs. It is also possible to build a freezer and a normal coldroom together, because the freezer can function as a separate unit despite the connection.



The size of the coldroom is only determined by the costumer’s needs: there are many options. However, we recommend to design in advance with calculations of a later expansion if there will be a capacity growth in the future. Our services are flexible – there is a possibility of building size-accurate panels for existing rooms also.


The standard height of our coldrooms is 2300 mm, but there is a possibility to differ from it upon request. In this case we recommend to think the inside loading possibilities over. Just to illustrate: in a coldroom with 3000 mm height it is impossible to pack the goods high, because it is very difficult and dangerous to move the materials from a ladder. Not to mention that you have to cool the unexploited space of the coldroom as well. During the planning period we offer you professional advice to point out the practical aspects of designing and building your coldroom according to your needs.


Coldroom doors

In our coldrooms we build our own manufactured IglooDoors in which are incredibly strong and robust. This results in great transparency and reliability. Our standard doors are hinged doors, which are modified according to costumers’ cooling needs.


There are optional sizes, but a standard, clear opening is 800 x1900 mm. Our doors have official, verifiable ÉMI certification and classification.

Every lock system follows all security requirements for coldroom doors. This means they can be opened from the inside, so there is no way that someone is accidentally locked inside the coldroom. Our standard doors are built with hinges and lock system made from reinforced composite materials.

For our freezer coldrooms the IglooDoors door leaves are made with self-regulating heating wires as a special, innovative and energy-efficient solution. This special type of heating wires is only increasing the heating capacity where it is really needed.

The frames of Coldroom Builder are made from ABS or PVC breakage-resist materials with hidden fixation. This is not just an aesthetic but also a professional solution, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel frames are also available optionally.


Refrigeration engineering

Without compromises we only work with the reliable products of noted manufacturers, such as: Danfoss, Embraco, L’unite, Bitzer, Güntner or LU-VE. After years of experiences we carefully choose the most suitable equipment for a certain task with the best performance. To obtain the optimal size we always work together with the best refrigeration engineers. This is how you can be certain that the installed equipment is the best choice for you.


Preliminary designing

We offer preliminary design for our customers. It makes the optimization of capacity and indoor organization easier. This includes a 2D layout and a 3D visualization as well, which guarantees that at the end the costumer can see the original concept back. Obviously there is an opportunity for our customers to discuss and modify the design before the building process begins.

Reference pictures