Climate controlled storages

Coldroombuilder provides proper service in case of configuring different sized cold rooms as well as building cold rooms and clean rooms. We made cold rooms for various industries before, which are not just cold rooms in occassion of their authoritative size.

What worth to know about cold rooms provided by our company?

  • Made by individual architect and technical building system plans
  • Proper project managment neccessary to realization
  • We offer agile and effecient work/construction with special and individual solutions
  • Planning for specific cooling provides
  • Correspond to redundant cooling demands very often
  • Solutions for cooling storage of large amount and great value goods


In the course of planning period the cold rooms optimal layout going to plan duly about capacity demands and operative law. Practical to focus on cooling engeneering units under planning period, because those means the central element of large-scale cold room actuation.



Under construction it is neccessary to work with those experts who has experience in configuring large-scale cold rooms.
Coldroombuilder’s got this competece.



We help planning period with efficient solutions, under installation we pay attention for professional details which have importance for long term actuation.



Several operators got demand to raise product safety in case of products which requires cooling and technologies. The most expedient is to plan and build in redundant coolers. Redundance provides the plus safety what is neccessary in case of foul-up. Most of our partners are satisfied with duplicate cooling units day by day in their job.

Industrial refrigeration technology

Our company provides comprehensive service in cooling technology just as cold store or processing plant like accessories testing units. In industrial cooling we have the Key. At first step we already can help for our customers because we have considerable experience.

You can entrust the tasks below to our company:

  • Cold stores building, warm insulated walling and mechanical system construction
  • Large industrial cooling units, manufacturer malls cooling technology construction
  • Individual designed units set ups, planning
  • Evolving of warm insulated manufacturing areas
  • Individual designed labours and test rooms construction
  • Professional providing of multi compressor pack unit
  • Specific cooling tasks


Coldroombuilder buys warm insulated wall elements from those trustworthy manufacturers who proved their engineering process. Our company believes that it is not worthy to work under a standard to reduce costs. You can be sure that the product you choose is the best quality. Trust us and let us do kind of solutions which will be high quality for long years.



Progressive and permanent operation based up on trustworthy cooling systems. That is the reason why we work solely with those kind of units which are famouse for permanency. These systems can serve the users’ demands for decades if they got the neccessary maintenance as well an unit used in industrial mills. The maintance is very important! Coldroombuilder has the right solution for it, too.

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