Octonorm modular cleanrooms

Octanorm modular cleanrooms include lightweight aluminium structure elements that are easy to put together and are accurate because the panels were premade. We recommend modular cleanrooms to those for whom mobility is important. As in case of a change in the layout, there is no significant demolition when disassembling and then reassembling modular systems. Modular cleanrooms have an aluminium frame structure, that are being produced based on the preapproved plans. Modular cleanrooms can either just a few square meter small workstations, or complete production lines can be attached to modular cleanrooms. Octanorm cleanrooms can be connected to already existing cleanrooms with a similar structure. It is possible therefore to extend or rebuild previously constructed cleanrooms with an aluminium profile with the Octanorm system.

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Bulkhead panels and coffered ceilings in Octanorm cleanroom structures can be designed in several ways. Their common feature is quick and precise mounting. We recommend to use FFU (fan filter unit) compact filter units in smaller and more compact cleanrooms. This way the price of central air treatments can be saved.

You can see how easy it is to put Octanorm cleanrooms together on the video below:

Lighting in Octanorm modular cleanrooms can be optionally solved with integrated LED lighting into the ceiling’s holding panels. This way there is more space left for diffusers and FFU units.

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Short description of Octanorm modular cleanrooms

  • Compliance with ISO-14644, GMP and FED209E cleanroom standards
  • Recommended for use in cleanrooms, laboratory or hospital environment
  • Fast installation thanks to premade panels
  • Easy disassembling and reassembling if relocated
  • Can be installed into already existing systems in laboratories or industrial environments
  • ALU profile door panel system with flat glazing
  • With wall cover on just one or both sides
  • Electrical sittings can be hidden in the structure
  • 40 mm structure thickness
  • Can be attached to any structures
  • Unique sizes in accordance of the customer’s request
  • Advanced levels of airtightness
  • Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning products
  • Integrated lighting and FFU diffuser units
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Simple installation and configuration

Wall structures

Octanorm cleanroom modular wall structures can be made of either full panels or glazed versions. Covering can be either on one- or both sides, depending on the customers’ requests. The assembly goes by our patented, eccentric lock technology. Once the structre is built up, next step is installing the wall panels and glazing. Our technology is easy and quickly manageable.


Cleanroom walls with one-side coverings

Octanorm modular cleanrooms can be built with one-side covering, that usually means the internal wall of the cleanroom. For the sake of cost efficiency, we recommend one-side covering for uses, where the external wall doesn’t have to function in a cleanroom environment.


Cleanroom walls with cover on both sides

Both side cleanroom wall covering is recommended for places, where it is important for the both sides of the wall to meet cleanroom requirements, or aesthetics is important. In case of both side covering, fittings lead inside the walls are staying hidden also from the external side.


Cleanroom false ceiling systems

We offer several options for ceiling options in modular cleanrooms. Apart from light, pressure retaining cleanroom false ceiling systems, we also offer modular cleanroom ceilings with a carrying capacity of 100kg/m2 and 200kg/m2. It is possible to combine the modular walling with an airtight, walkable false ceiling made of sandwich panels. To all cleanroom false ceiling systems, diffusers and FFU units, or different cleanroom lighting systems can be integrated. False ceilings are available with integrated LED lighting system too.


Dynamic air filter units

We can ship our modular cleanrooms with integrated dynamic air filter units too. These units not only provide the most efficient filtering, but also the adequate ventilation speed and therefore laminar air flow. If requested, we ship the modular cleanrooms with Envirco-Trion Fan-Filter-Unit (FFU). Thanks to the integrated HEPA filter, FFU units provide a 99,99% efficiency in case of 0.3-micron particle size. The pre-set airspeed is 0.45 m/s, that can be adjusted in three positions. It is important to know, that FFU units are also useful, if the air in the host building is already being filtered and pre-treated by an existing, central air handling unit.


Aluminium frame

The frame of Octanorm modular cleanrooms is made of premium quality, extruded aluminium elements. The aluminium frame’s precise connection is secured by a patented lock system, that provides strong mounting and is easy to put together. Normally the ALU profiles are made of E6 EV1 anodized surfaces, but there is an option for RAL powdercoated version.

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