Softwall cleanrooms

With the help of Octanorm softwall cleanrooms you can build a mobile workstation that can help increasing the air quality in the workspace’s environment. Softwall cleanrooms are usually separated with four side, anti-static vertical blinds. So they don’t create sterile, hermetically closed spaces on their own. Filtered air is provided by one or more FFU units with a laminar flow, while air is forced to escape under the vertical blinds into the environment. Softwall cleanrooms usually can be validated by ISO-14644, but the purity of the air is mostly influenced by the environment in which the mobile station has been installed.

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Octanorm softwall cleanrooms are produced in the following module sizes:


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A short description of Octanorm modular cleanrooms:

  • Compliance with ISO-14644, GMP and FED209E cleanroom standards
  • Recommended for use in cleanrooms or light industrial manufacturing environments
  • Fast installation thanks to premade panels
  • Easy disassembling and reassembling if relocated
  • Can be installed into already existing systems in laboratories or industrial environments
  • ALU profile structure system with flat wall panels and glazing
  • Aluminium profile in 60*60, 80*80 or 120*120 mm sizes
  • With anti-static PVC curtains
  • 3000 mm wide PVC strips, with 50 mm overlapping
  • Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning products
  • Integrated lighting and FFU diffuser units
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy installation and configuration


The biggest advantages of Octanorm softwall cleanrooms is that it’s installed immediately, it requires only the minimal infrastructure, and that it can be relocated if necessary. No special preparation is needed for operation. We recommend mobile softwall cleanrooms for manufacturing units, where it is important to have a clean room separated from the industrial environment, that complies with the requirements of ISO14644, yet is really cost efficient a mobile.


Aluminium structure

Octanorm softwall cleanrooms are made of premium quality, extruded aluminium elements. The aluminium frame’s precise connection is secured by a patented lock system, that provides strong mounting and is easy to put together. Cleanroom structures in case of a false ceiling come in 600*1200 mm or 1200*1200 mm grid spacing. Normally ALU profiles are made of E6 EV1 anodized surfaces, but there is an option for RAL powdercoated version.