Laminar boxes

Laminar boxes are the best choice for workspaces where working in a cleanroom environment is a priority. Laminar boxes can be either table or standing versions. All laminar boxes come with built-in filtering and ventilating units, and are automatically controlled.

Laminar workstations used in cleanrooms increase purity levels for operations carried out within the qualified cleanroom. Dynamic units with their own filtering units keep filtering the air of the cleanroom. This could help creating workspaces with a higher ISO category within a space with a given ISO category.

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Attributes of the table version of dynamic laminar boxes:

C 3010: 658 × 698 × 994 mm
C 3011: 958 × 698 × 994 mm
C 3012: 1258 × 698 × 994 mm

Attributes of the standing version of dynamic laminar boxes:

C 3020: 658 x 698 x 1764 mm
C 3021: 958 x 698 x 1264 mm
C 3022: 1258 x 698 x 1764 mm

In addition to these sizes, it is possible to create unique sized boxes too.

A short description of laminar cleanroom boxes:

  • Compliance with ISO-14644, GMP and FED209E cleanroom standards
  • Recommended for use in cleanrooms or light industrial manufacturing environments
  • ALU profile structure system with powder-coated components
  • Mobile, easy to transfer
  • Can be installed into already functioning industrial or laboratory environment
  • Integrated lighting and FFU diffuser units
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Simple installation and configuration

Dynamic air filter units

Laminar boxes come with integrated dynamic air filter units. These units not only provide the most efficient filtering, but also the adequate ventilation speed and therefore laminar air flow. Normally we ship modular cleanrooms with the Envirco-Trion Fan-Filter-Unit (FFU). Thanks to the integrated HEPA filter, FFU units provide a 99,99% efficiency in case of 0.3-micron particle size. The pre-set airspeed is 0.45 m/s, that can be adjusted in three positions.


Structural features

Laminar boxes have precision-made aluminium frame structures. They are a separated workspace by 4 mm of pure acrylic glass and 4 mm of tempered glass. The special structural design allows ergonomic work for the operator.