KleanLabs material pass boxes

We developed KleanLabs cleanroom material pass boxes for those using or producing cleanrooms with ISO-14644 or GMP standard qualifications. We build KleanLabs material pass boxes in unique sizes and comply with the requirements of the ISO 14644 standard. Material passes we produce, qualify for cleanroom use, be it a modular cleanroom system, plasterboard, or a cleanroom built of sandwich panel. Material pass boxes can be boxes with dynamic or static filters, that can be hooked up to an existing ventilation system. This way cleanroom material pass boxes become fundamental elements of a cleanroom operating with optimal air extraction and filtration.

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Cleanroom material pass boxes enable the safe and clean flow of materials and equipment inside the cleanroom. They also support the incoming and outgoing transfer of materials in order to connect the hermetically closed room to the outside environment only at the minimum extent.

KleanLabs clean room pass boxes minimize the risk of airborne and cross contamination between the clean room and the outside. Further functions are available such as the dynamic pass box model with filtration, air circulation or with UV lights. The transfer of your materials will be even safer with these optional functions.

The usage of KleanLabs cleanroom pass boxes is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. It minimalizes the unnecessary movements of operators into and from the cleanroom.

We produce KleanLabs cleanroom pass boxes are always according to costumers’ unique needs. No fixed or standard sizes.


Short description of KleanLabs pass boxes

  • Compliance with ISO-14644, GMP and FED209E cleanroom standards
  • Recommended for use in laboratory or hospital environment
  • Concealed or set on the ground roll-in roll-out pass boxes
  • Filter can be connected into the ventilation system, or passive filter
  • ALU profile door panel system with flat glazing
  • AISI 304L or AISI 306 stainless steel wall structure
  • 40 mm door panel thickness with reinforced door panel profiles
  • 50 mm thickness of the box structure material
  • Flat door panel structure, flat closure on both sides
  • Electrically interlocked versions for sluice system operation
  • Can be built into any cleanroom wall system (modular cleanroom, plasterboard, sandwich panel)
  • Unique sizes in accordance of the customer’s request
  • Advanced levels of airtightness
  • Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning products
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Simple installation and configuration

Unique sizes

We designed KleanLabs pass boxes so that based on their unique sizes we can provide for any customer request. Be it a model for the wall, or set on the ground, dynamic or static pass box, we are ready to satisfy orders from any parts of the world.


Hygiene and safety

Internal and external parts of KleanLabs pass boxes can be cleaned in the easiest ways. Thanks to great quality materials the disinfection and cleaning of our pass boxesused in cleanroom or laboratory environments is an easy routine.  Boxes comply with the requirements of the ISO14644 cleanroom standard.



  • Simple but modern design
  • Anodized aluminum front and backside
  • Stainless steel wall structure
  • Delivered without filtration, ventilation system and air change unit
  • For costumer’s request we provide air duct in- and outlets
  • Many additional options are available


  • Simple, but modern design
  • Anodized aluminum front and backside
  • Stainless steel wall structure
  • With H14 HEPA filtering (can be connected to an existing air technology section)
  • For customer’s request we provide built-in motor
  • With 20-100 air changes per hour
  • Many additional options are available


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