KleanLabs cleanrooms

We offer professional solutions and support for our customers when it comes to cleanrooms from design to implementation. KleanLabs cleanrooms are such installed and complex cleanroom systems that perfectly comply with the ISO-14644 or the GMP standard requirements. Our company developed the KleanLabs technology in order to construct strictly regulated cleanrooms cost-efficiently.

A short description of KleanLabs systems:

  • Fast and flexible construction technology
  • Cost-effective solution compared to precast systems
  • The whole KleanLabs structure creates a system that can be qualified based on ISO 14644 and GMP standard requirements
  • Airtight structure designed for pressure ratios used in cleanrooms
  • The position of cables hidden in the wall can be adjusted arbitrarily, it is even possible to request modifications on the spot
  • Wall structure can be cut or perforated on anywhere
  • A removable, mobile wall section can be constructed for transporting equipment
  • Lamps, diffusers, ceiling equipment can be arranged arbitrary
  • Option of walkable and coffered false ceiling
  • Minimized number of grooves and connections
  • Great levels of insulation even with standard models


General information

Cleanroom is an environment where the level of particulate matter, temperature, humidity, pollutants and the pressure conditions are strictly regulated. The technique of cleanroom is used by different industries where high-level cleanness is necessary throughout the production process:
  • Precision mechanics (tools, watches, aerospace industry)
  • Computer hardware Industry
  • Microelectronic engineering (semiconductors, integrated circuits)
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and infant formula manufacturing
  • Surgical equipment industry
  • Plastics industry
Learn more about cleanroom standards:




We produce KleanLabs cleanroom side walls and ceilings by using PIR, or flat wall panels filled with mineral wool depending on the usage requirements and the fire classification of the rooms. The thickness of the most commonly used wall panel is 100 mm. We however are able to produce our cleanrooms with different thickness if requested.


The walling creates a flat surface. Its powder coated surface is resistant to disinfectants and cleaning products. Cables belonging to equipment in the side walls are being managed within the wall panels. The hidden design and the flat surface makes cleaning really easy. The whole structure complies with the requirements of the ISO14644 and GMB standards, therefore it can be qualified with these standards.

Compared to coffered false ceilings, the number of grouts and panel joints are limited with our KleanLabs cleanroom ceilings. This helps with the room’s professional application technology. We seal all of our side wall joints with cleanroom-quality sealants.



We produce inner corner point of our KleanLabs cleanrooms’, by using antistatic, curved aluminium profiles. The use of these curved corner profiles makes hidden anchorage possible, and also reduces the chances of contamination and the deposition of airborne particles. Curved corners also help a lot with cleaning, as thanks to these corner designs, cleaning and maintaining these cleanrooms are easy.



In KleanLabs cleanroom wall structures for all sidewall technology we incorporate protective tubes hidden in the wall material. By this we ensure the cleanroom not to be affected by any visible electronic or other kind of shutdown. The sizes and positions of protrusions are arbitrary, therefore we offer the option of complete flexibility for other industries too.


Doors and windows

KleanLabs cleanrooms are being shipped with KleanLabs TT cleanroom hinged doors, or KleanLabs TT-S cleanroom sliding doors. Cleanroom doors are made of aluminium profiles with 60 mm thick door panels. Thanks to the high level of airtightness our KleanLabs doors perfectly complete cleanrooms.

Get more information on the construction and properties of KleanLabs cleanroom doors here


Exhaust ducts

We offer effective solutions for producing aesthetic exhaust dusts made of sandwich panels that connect to ventilation elements. Custom designed PUR, mineral wool, or insulated ducts filled with extruded polystyrene are essential parts of the wall panels. With the help of these the air sanitation of the lower extractors can be solved aesthetically, even inside the cleanroom.


Mechanical equipment

We undertake the shipment and installation of the mechanical components of the clean rooms. We work with the products of such prestigious brands that are acknowledged worldwide for their equipment. If you decide to trust us with the complex engineering design of the cleanroom too, we hand the final work over with a so called As-Built validation. This validation is given by a third party, accredited institution and it proves that the final and installed cleanroom complies with the requirements and the given ISO category classification.

Download the design guide and the technical details:

We provide connection point drawings for architects and designers engineers to download. With these designing cleanrooms becomes an easy job! It is easy to plan with the usual connection points and cleanroom wall structure allocations shouldn’t be planned with as separate elements. KleanLabs technology makes it possible for the designer to let the constructor allocate the wall structure, since the wall panel plug-ins are being established on the spot.

Should there be any questions, we are here to help the designers!


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