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2016. September. 09. 10:14 Cleanroom technology

Modern clean room technologies originally arise from the demands of medical and microelectronic production. On these domains they explored that hygiene and cleanliness are the key in prevention of contamination and under producing qualitative products. In the most of the cases the microelectronic and medical industry accounts the warm bed of clean room technologies and production routine

While the microelectronic industry primarily focuses on the number and reduce of contamination in the air, medical industry try to control the presence and action of pathogens and germs at clean rooms. In light industry the clean rooms rules are written by ISO14644 regulation, medical industry principally leans on GMP processes.

But what about food industry? Food industry seems to lag behind on these domains of technologies, while manufacturer actions began to use clean rooms just as electronics, car industry, medical industry and several pioneer industries. The clean setting has extremely lot assets what food industry could utilize at practice because the technology is available.

For food industry there is no customized clean room standard or a well written clean room production action yet. However, we come to know from industrial feedback that there is a really serious demand for it, because in a controlled surrounding achievable the microbiological filtering and the proper cleanliness, controlled production and its immediate action has several assets to the product

The reduce of the numbers of microbes, contamination resources and germs at a given place in a production period makes possible the larger cleanliness of produced foods what affects the tenability.

In several foreign studies we read that to set a whole production proceed to a proper clean room is less rational solution, but we do not disapprove it because there are several assets and arguments we can tell about this solution. Evident and touchable assets have the kind of proposals which set the production’s certain functions to a controlled surrounding what means that they plan the sensitive production procedure into a laminar flow clean room box.

Overriding aim is to protect food industrial products from microbe-level contamination and to produce the future’s food and food industrial stock in a defecate and clean aired chamber.

There are several usage and processing process what affect to the product’s microorganism and these products are really sensitive to the attendance of microorganism in surrounding. Expressly such as yoghurts, cheese, dairy products, squash, flavoured milks, fast foods and certain procedure of brewing.


Under meat products’ production we can utilize the advantage of clean rooms because products get contact directly with air, so there is quite a difference in microbiological combination from the aspect of the products’ quality Expressly there is a big importance of food industrial clean rooms in the scope of baby food production, medical products’ production or food production.

Production what happens in a clean room is accessible from the aspect of marketing, because the customer buys gladly a kind of product which had been produced in a qualified clean room surrounding. It means that the customer thinks that in the producing practice the clean room products can be produced with a higher producing quality index.

Under the planning of modern food industrial factories, the above mentioned things are worth to consider, because there are several producing units in West Europe which toned to clean room producing, getting with a large asset on market.

We believe that in 10 years in our country will happen as well the head of clean room technologies and in the presently experienced producing practice and producing functions will seriously change what will benefit of customers.


Hangosi Gábor


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