Frequently asked questions about cleanrooms

2017. November. 30. 17:52 Cleanroom technology

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding cleanrooms? COLDROOMBUILDER gives an answer to all of them! We have worked in the industry for more than a decade and we have gained a lot of experience and expertise in the …

Overview of cleanroom standards

2017. January. 31. 17:05 Cleanroom technology

Cleanrooms are special areas or indoor environments constructed by strict regulations. In these areas the occurrence of particles and contamination, the air temperature, the humidity and the pressure ratio are regulated by strict standards. In the air of cleanrooms the …

Cleanrooms in food industry

2016. September. 09. 10:14 Cleanroom technology

Modern clean room technologies originally arise from the demands of medical and microelectronic production. On these domains they explored that hygiene and cleanliness are the key in prevention of contamination and under producing qualitative products. In the most of the …

Over the 600pcs coldroom doors in this year

2016. September. 08. 10:10 Corporate news

Cold room IgloDoors produced by our company have a consistent success in trade. In this year we produced more than 600pcs doors and sold for the industry’s persons. Resellers and customers are both satisfied with the quality of the cold …

French order

2016. September. 07. 10:32 Corporate news

Our company has successfully made contract for the construction of a king-sized freezer cell which we have to transport to France, Strasbourg. We assumed the work with a fully comprehensive transaction what includes first class turnkey construction as well.