Quality Assurance

Coldroombuilder places great emphasis upon producing excellent, first class products. There is no way to use second class sandwich panel on hungarian contructor market, or split-unit engineering redone from residential climate units.


Coldroombuilder’s prime purpose is to create permanent value under organization and working of activity considering costumers’ and users’ demands, market innovations by using it is our constructions.


Leadership wants to give enchance for commitment to quality by estabilish, introduce and continuous development for quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard.

We specify our quality purposes considering to fastly changing surrounding and the all-time demands of our partners by try for efficiency, because we know that quality is not down to chance. It is the result of  systematized, conscious, purpose-specific, continuous work and innovation.


The leadership of Coldroombuilder guarantee to every employee and sub-contractor get know our enterprise’s quality policy, the vital purposes of quality management sytstem, contexture, working prescription and expect using as daily routine. Further, our enterprise thinks that continuously training employee is important from the aspect of quality sustainability what makes the costumers sure knowing the topical innovations, cost saving using and environmentally consciousness.

Coldroombuilder’s leadership would like to support the execution of potent and efficient strategy purposes by quality management actuation for customers and final users’ satisfaction just as employee’s to reach their private targets.

We do our business to fulfil laws, measures and other statutes at all points particularly to the protection and safety of built environment.

Quality guidelines assuared by Coldroombuilder


For coldroom doors and windows there is no national or EU standard or doors are significantly different. Manufacturer has to produce an individual standard, specification by the accredit institution marked in the  statute. (ÉMI Nonprofit Ltd.) ÉME (Building Industry technical permisson) is the individual standard of the nonregulation products, structures and equipments and the right of it we produce the product for you. Coldroom doors produced by our business have  ÉME.

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ISO 9001


Coldroombuilder introduced and actuate ISO 9001:2009 quality management system. By the help of quality management system we can guarantee continuous first class quality for all of the products and units produced and constructed by us. We aspire for our customers be pleased with our business entirely by guarantee continuous good quality and trustworthy working.

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ISO-14644_ Cleanrooms constructed by Coldroombuilder correspond to ISO-14644 statute’s strict regulations. Entire clean rooms constructed by us observed and validated by a third institute in their As-Built estate. So in case of an entire construction the customer gets a qualified  cleanroom, that is how we can be sure in the constructed room’s compliance!



HACCP_ HACCP is an internationally accepted complex system to assess and identify the possible dangers in food industry and to handle in the interest of  distribution of safe foods. As well as it is a system to define that who, where and how each works will be done in the interest of customers health protection and safety. Products produced, distributed and constructed by Coldroombuilder always correspond to H.A.C.C.P. statute.